Betton Hills is one of the oldest and finest neighborhoods in Tallahassee, Florida. Nestled close to downtown, between Thomasville and Centerville Roads, the residences in this neighborhood blend design from old and new Tallahassee.

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Get Your TPD!


The Tallahassee Police Department is pleased to announce the first Family Citizens' Police Academy (CPA) for 2019.  This CPA class will be for youth and their parents or guardians.  The academy will begin March 26, 2019 and run for 9 consecutive weeks, culminating with a graduation on May 21, 2019.

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Bring Sense to Midtown!


City Commission Vote on Midtown Garage
This Wednesday, February 20, City Hall at 4:00

City planners are still asking to build a big parking garage in Midtown.  It will be up for a City Commission vote this week.  Planners are recommending:

  • Negotiating for a $24-$30 million, 5-story, 550-car garage at Thomasville/Monroe Point that is not financially viable now; if talks are not successful, re-negotiating for the original $14 million, 5-story, 331-car garage at Thomasville and 5th Avenue
  • In addition, identifying and negotiating for other properties along Monroe for more parking garages
  • Hiring an outside parking expert

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BHNA Sets Priorities for 2019


Friendly.  Safe.  Well-being.  Those are three words that the BHNA would like for neighbors to have in mind when they think of Betton Hills.  Recently, the board held a retreat to prioritize how we could best advance those concepts in 2019.  Here are the things we agreed to focus on:

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Proposed Parking Garage in Midtown? No.


The BHNA board researched the proposed Midtown Garage, found it lacking in a number of aspects, and voted to oppose its construction.  We support reconvening the Midtown Working Group to come up with a data-based consensus approach solution to Midtown parking and other pertinent issues.  As a general rule the board supports urban infill, but in this instance the proposed garage is the wrong project in the wrong place and at the wrong price.

A number of Betton Hills residents have asked how they can help to prevent the Midtown Garage proposal from going forward.  Find out more about the garage and how to help in this article.

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