Betton Hills is one of the oldest and finest neighborhoods in Tallahassee, Florida. Nestled close to downtown, between Thomasville and Centerville Roads, the residences in this neighborhood blend design from old and new Tallahassee.

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BHNA is sponsoring a statue in McCord Park! Way to go!

$2,750 raised / $2,750 goal

Old Willis Dairy: Responsive Governance in Action


Should a commercial establishment be allowed in a neighborhood?  In this case, it’s the Old Willis Dairy, now an event venue.  Should it be allowed to continue operations within the neighborhood of Betton Oaks?  Recently, the City Commission suggested that a Planned Unit Development (PUD) type of zoning be pursued, a decision that nearby neighborhoods and the Willis’ can consider an example of responsive governance. 

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Betton Hills Home Crime Prevention


What are the best ways to prevent a burglary of my car or home?  Do we need a neighborhood crimewatch?  How does Betton Hills compare with other neighborhoods in terms of home crimes?  Learn all about it here.

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Anybody Home Sculpture Update


I’m very happy to report that as of April 5, 2017, Betton Hills residents have contributed $1,075 to ourpurchase of the Proctor sculpture Anybody Home! That’s 40% of our $2,750 goal!  Keep it up!

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