Betton Hills is one of the oldest and finest neighborhoods in Tallahassee, Florida. Nestled close to downtown, between Thomasville and Centerville Roads, the residences in this neighborhood blend design from old and new Tallahassee.

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Calling All Dogs (and cats, I guess)!


My dog, Harper, has been concerned about the number of dogs on the loose recently in Betton Hills.  He asked that I reprint an article he wrote for the Fall 2016 Betton Hills Newsletter.  The article gives the "how-tos" for getting a pet's picture in the Betton Hills Facebook's Pets of Betton album.  I agreed to do so, so here it is . . .

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BHNA Board Annual Project: Cemetery Marker


Have you been by the Plantation Cemetery on Betton Road to read the historical marker and walk the cemetery grounds?  Well, now you should because you can actually see the marker information to read it.  Find out more . . .

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Bats Outta Betton Hills


You may have noticed the bat house located in the field on the Armistead Rd. side of McCord Park.  This structure, and the Little Library in the park, were constructed as part of James Ford’s Eagle Scout Project for Betton Hills in 2016.  Guess what . . . it has bats!

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