Please call the commissioners. Emails just don’t cut it. Say your name, that you live in Betton Hills, and ask them to keep parks parks and withdraw the Myers Park rezoning proposal.

It may make it easiest to do a “One a Day” call. Here’s my suggested sequence:
Commissioners their phone numbers:

Here are some other talking points:

  1. We’ll need more park land not less as the downtown grows.
  2. High-density development does not fit in a historic residential neighborhood.
  3. We’re not against infill; we’re against development that doesn’t fit the character of a neighborhood, especially when other, more appropriate land is available nearby.

If you would like more information, refer to the materials put together by the Meyers Park Neighborhood Association.

Thank you so much for your support. With it, we will keep Myers Park and other parks throughout Tallahassee as the charming, fun, and peaceful parks we know. Make that call!