We received a letter from the City of Tallahassee Utilities today informing us that survey crews will be completing a topographic survey of the McCord Park Drainage Ditch between Thomasville and Trescott Roads.  The text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Property Owner or Current Resident,

In the coming weeks, survey crews will be in your neighborhood to complete a topographic survey of the McCord Park Drainage Ditch.  The limits of the survey will be from Betton Road to areas just north of Post Road (see map below[sic]).

This work is part of the McCord Park Drainage Ditch Preliminary Engineering Study being conducted by the City of Tallahassee Water Resources Engineering Division.  The purpose of the study is to develop and evaluate various project alternatives that will imrpove maintenance access, decrease erosion, and improve stormwater conveyance capacity of the McCord Pond Drainage Ditch.

Later this summer, a public meeting will be held to gather additional information and receive community input on any project alternatives developed.  We expect the Prliminary Engineering Study to complete this year.

Should you have any questions, or have any information or observartions related to the McCord Pond Drainage Ditch, please feel free to contact me.


Ray T. Einarson, P.E.

Download the full letter and attachments.