The Facts

At 7:30-8:30pm we will meet with neighbors who began PREP last fall.  Please bring the materials that you were given last year and your neighbor information sheets.

Our goal is for our neighborhood to be prepared for disasters, and be able to respond to our own needs until emergency managers, responders and utility crews arrive.  This is done through surveying neighbors regarding their needs and assets (tools, materials, skills).  The process is simple but it does require that someone take a leadership role for their street, block, or a portion of a block.  The number of houses each leader covers is up to what they think they can manage.  Of course, participation of residents is totally voluntary.

Hurricane Season begins June 1, and forecasters are already projecting an active season.   The time for preparation is now.  Please join us on Tuesday.  Our neighborhood is very large, and we need many more neighbors to engage as leaders for their street/block.

Email us if you have any questions:

See you Tuesday!