A Win-Win in Our Ponds and Kids

In an effort to keep the ponds alive and healthy, the BHNA stocks the ponds in McCord and Harriman Circle parks with a variety of bass, pan fish, and mosquito eating fish (gambusia) every other year. The fish not only help maintain the health of the ponds but provide for recreational fishing for children.

Encourage your kids to try their luck at McCord or Harriman ponds.  If they are under 16, they don’t need a fishing license.  We encourage the catch and release approach to keep our fish population up and children healthy.  (Since the ponds are linked to Tallahassee's stormwater system, we strongly recommend catch and release rather than keeping fish to eat.)  Also, to better avoid injury to fish, we suggest the use of circle hooks and proper release techniques. 

Join in!

As a parent, you can join in too.  It can be a lot of fun to fish with your child.  When fishing, follow all the State of Florida’s freshwater fishing regulations.

Betton Hills is very fortunate to have a variety of wonderful parks with live ponds.  Grab a pole and line and a kid or two to enjoy these wonderful neighborhood natural resources!  Tight lines and good fishing!