The Plan

After a brief meeting and some warming refreshments, we will break into work parties to accomplish a variety of jobs.  We will need one party to pick up litter around the edge of the pond.  The Subers, friends from across Thomasville Rd., will be picking up trash in the center of the pond via kayaks.  We will provide plastic bags.

We will need several teams of 3 to 4 people to work on invasive plant removal.  Please bring loppers, pruners, shovels and work gloves if you have them.  BHNA will provide the herbicide kits and plastic bags for each team.

One group will clean all 4 bluebird nest boxes and the wood duck box.

Another group is needed to mulch and clean up the Trescott area, like we do each year. This was our original Arbor Day planting – the little woodland is biologically diverse thanks to our additions of native plants over the year.

We will also plant 3 new trees in the Armistead woodland area and mulch the previously planted plants.

We are replacing a longleaf pine tree in Chittendon Park that was blown over during Hurricane Michael.

Come on out!

It should be a fun and rewarding morning. We will meet no matter how cold or warm it is, but will cancel if raining significantly.  Remember, bring garden gloves and a tool:  shovel, mattock, pruners, loppers, etc.; we will have some extra tools if you don’t have your own.  There are chores for all ages and strengths.  Children welcome, teenagers encouraged!  Coffee, hot chocolate and some treats will be served at 9am.