We Worked in the Wetlands

Many volunteers worked on cutting and bagging ardisia berries and then digging and bagging the plants.  Here is a plea for anyone reading this to please scout for ardisia in your yard and cut off the berries (and nandina while you are at it). Put them in a bag and place in your trash barrel.

Without our efforts at removing the invasive non-native plants, the McCord woodlands would become a solid mass of invasive species which have little to no value for native wildlife. They crowd out and shade our native species which have unique ecological relationships with wildlife.

We Worked in the Woodland

We continued our restoration of the woodland along Armistead.  We planted three trees (swamp chestnut oak, red cedar, hophornbeam)  Next time you are in the park, take a look at this area and picture what it would look like had we not been planting beneath the tall tree canopy all these years.

We Worked in the Far Reaches

This year we began work on rescuing the native azalea grove in the northwest corner of the park. The wild azaleas were literally covered by vines. We cut and painted the vines to prevent sprouting and pulled what we could from the azaleas. We also pulled encroaching seedling trees, most of them invasive non-natives.

We Cleaned the Bird Boxes

Tom Schulte led Tom Waits and his son Nicolas cleaned our four bluebird boxes and wood duck nesting box to prepare for the upcoming nesting season.  Nicolas was excited to find a beautiful blue egg that had not hatched in one of the boxes.  All boxes had been used.  Watch for bluebird activity this spring!

We Cleaned the Pond

Jesse and Hope Suber continued their long-standing tradition of kayaking around the pond, cleaning up floating trash.  This is truly a heroic volunteer effort!  Mary Kay Falconer and Susan Mau walked the entire shoreline gathering trash.

We Restored a Longleaf

Last but not least, we planted a longleaf pine in Chittenden Park to replace one that had been blown over by Hurricane Michael.

We Finished Up Happy

All-in-all it was amazing how much our crew accomplished in two hours!  It was a lot of fun working and talking together while we worked on the common goal of making McCord Park a vibrant, safe, and clean sanctuary for animals, plants, . . . and people!

Thanks to all our volunteers!!

Donna Legare and Jody Walthall, Wilson Baker, Mike Brezin, Michael Bannister, Tom Schulte, Susan Mau, Holly Thomas, Mary Kay Falconer, Jennifer Butler, Christian Weiss, Gene Hollis and Sandy Warren, Tom Waits and Nicolas Waits, Jesse and Hope Suber

Arbor Pros

Michael Cross, Harper Cross, Jan Morgan, Kalem Carraway, Craig Henderson, Phil Rudisill, Alex Robinette