Contact City Commissioners

A number of Betton Hills residents have asked how they can help to prevent the Midtown Garage proposal from going forward.  Here’s the basic answer:  contact our mayor and city commissioners before the next city commission meeting on February 20th with the following message:

“Please vote down the Midtown Garage proposal.  Then, reconvene the Midtown Working Group to develop a renewed vision and plan for Midtown that works for local merchants, nearby neighborhoods, visitors, and taxpayers.”

Here’s how to contract them:

Mayor John Dailey                                                 891-2000

Comm. Elaine Bryant                                  891-8181

Comm. Jeremy Matlow                              294-7164

Comm. Curtis Richardson                    891-8240

Comm. Dianne Williams-Cox            891-8502

Why is this important to neighborhoods?

This proposal doesn’t affect a neighborhood directly like a widened road or a large development.  Still, it continues a practice that’s detrimental to all neighborhoods:  lack of early public notification and citizen engagement.  We saw this practice in Myers Park, a number of southside developments, the Frenchtown student housing project, the Innovation Park Gateway, and others.  This practice of ignoring neighborhoods forces neighborhoods to take aggressive protective actions.  Everyone gets upset:  neighbors, city staff, the developer, etc.  There’s a better way! 

The new city commission seems dedicated to this new way – enhanced notice and citizen engagement.  The garage proposal is a holdover from the previous commission.  Call or email the commissioners to let them know you appreciate their citizen-focused perspective and encourage them to apply it to improving Midtown.

Information about the Midtown Garage Proposal

The proposed garage is a towering 5-story building that will contain over 300 parking spaces.  It would cost the city $14 million to purchase (over $40,000 per parking space) and would be located at Fifth Avenue and Thomasville Road (by Redeye Coffee and Whataburger).

The problem besides an out-of-scale structure and huge price tag, is that the garage threatens the very qualities that make Midtown appealing to residents, merchants, and visitors.  There is a parking problem, particularly on weekend nights, but there are viable solutions available now that are much less risky financially, better support local merchants, and improve rather than diminish the ambiance of Midtown.

For more details, please read a recent Your Turn.  For more information, you can link to additional articles when you reach the end of the Your Turn.

Thank you for doing what you can to make Betton Hills an even better place to live!