The BHNA whole-heartedly agrees that a thorough professional parking study should be done.  But, let’s put the horse BEFORE the cart, not after it!!  Until the study is completed and there is an objective analysis of need, costs, traffic circulation and pedestrian impacts, etc., it is premature to negotiate for parking garage property. A significant portion of the need may be met by cheaper, quicker alternative approaches that could help merchants more.

Please join us at City Hall to help us ask the Commission to:

You’ll have the opportunity to speak, if you wish.  If not, your presence is still important.  We’ll be asking people that support the above points to stand in unison.

 If you cannot attend the meeting, please tell City Hall what you think.

Email all commissioners at:

 Or call:
  Mayor Dailey @ 891-2000 or his chief of staff Dr. Whitley @t 891-8002
  Commissioner Bryant or her aide Ms. Whitaker @ 891-8503
  Commissioner Matlow @ 891-8188 or his aide Mr. Ray @ 891-8179
  Commissioner Richardson or his aide Mr. Thomas @ 891-8240
  Commissioner Williams-Cox @ 891-8667, or aide Dr. Davila-Davis @ 891-8502