What are BHNA boardmembers Mario Taylor and Mary Kay Falconer and BHNA president Mike Brezin smiling about?  Here's some great end-of-year news:  Betton Hills was awarded the city's Large Neighborhood of the Year Award!  Why did we win?  Read all about it.

The Tallahassee Neighborhood of the Year awards program seeks to recognize the work being done by neighborhoods and their resident leaders to create livable communities here in Tallahassee.  

The Neighborhood Affairs division of the Tallahassee Parks Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs recognized four special qualities of Betton Hills during the award ceremony:

  1. Clear neighborhood values that support making Betton Hills an even more inclusive, friendly, safe, and uplifting neighborhood

  2. Varied and frequent activites to bring neighbors together

  3. Strong and active communication channels between board and residents and among residents through website, email blasts, and social media

  4. Exemplary sense of community in leading efforts for neighborhoods to work more closely together to make Tallahassee a healthy and enjoyable place to live.

Thank you, neighbors, for supporting the BHNA's neighborhood initiatives and participating in our activities!  You've shown yourselves to be the best of Tallahassee. 

Betton Hills received kudos from City Manager Reese Goad and City Commissioners Elaine Bryant, Curtis Richardson, and Dianne Williams-Cox.  We'll also have a Neighborhood of the Year sign posted early in 2020.