Our neighborhood respects our urban canopy. We encourage all of us to have healthy trees and to plant new generations to replace those that are damaged or at the end of their lifespan. In addition to "adopt a tree" opportunities, we are launching a "We Dig Our Trees Contests" for kids ages 6 through 15.
There are actually two contests. One is writing a poem about trees. The other is a painting or drawing of a tree (watercolors, pencil, pastel, or other and not larger than 15 X 15inches). More information about the contests is listed below:
  1. There are three age groups (6-9, 10-12, and 13-15).
  2. BHNA board members will be the judges.
  3. Winners will be selected for each contest and each age group. The prizes will be a $25 gift card (VISA) and a tree that can be planted in a special place in their yard or in one of our lovely parks. The winning entries will also be posted on the BHNA website with the permission of parents.
  4. The deadline for the entries is Tuesday, January 21st, at 5pm.
  5. Submit poems by email (drmkbikes@hotmail.com). Deliver the paintings or drawings to a board member's residence. Use the email address above to arrange the location and time of the delivery. Questions?  Send them to the email address above.
  6. The original paintings or drawings will be returned to the artists.
  7. The winners will be announced at the BHNA Arbor Day, Saturday, January 25, 9am, at McCord Park.
We hope that the kids in our neighborhood will be interested in and excited about this opportunity!  We will all be impressed with their exceptional talent.
Bring it on!!!