Mary Kay Falconer, BHNA board member and contest initiator, presented each winner with a tree to plant in their yard or a park and a $25 gift card.  The Arbor Day volunteers followed up with a loud round of applause for the artists and poets.


There were two artist winners in the 8 years old and under category.

Claudia Branciforte for her Coyote at McCord entry. 
 Julia Perkins won for her untitled tree drawing.


Our poetry winners were expressive not just with their words, but in using visual form as well.

John Perkins won the 9-12 age group for this tree (in more ways than one) poem.

Avert P. won the 8 and under group for his poem, Trees.  Since his writing style expresses his free ranging spirit, we've taken the liberty of including a literal translation here:

Trees, trees what a wonderful thing.
You’ll say “Ouch” when you get a bee sting.
Trees are a helpful resource
for you and me of course.
Kids also like to climb and play in and on the trees.
Yes, please!
Trees get grumpy just like me. Yeah!