There are so many neighbors out walking and biking through the neighborhood on any given day!  That’s a great way to enjoy our lingering spring weather, get some exercise, be safe with family and friends, take a break from work, etc.  I’m happy to say that it is so popular that it reminds me of the famous saying by Maggie Smith as the dowager countess, Lady Grantham, in Downton Abbey:  “What’s a weekend?”

That said, all this walking and biking on our neighborhood streets increases the potential for accidents.  This concern, among others for boosting the safety of multimodal transportation, inspired BHNA board member Mary Kay Falconer to write a safety guide.  It clarifies the rules of the road and gives safety suggestions for car drivers, walkers, bicyclists, and scooter users.  Let’s be safe out there!  Read the guide.  If you have children, take the time to go over the presented laws and safety suggestions with them too.

View the guide here: