Betton Hills Neighborhood Association will be celebrating Arbor Day this Saturday, January 27 at 9am at McCord Park. Park in the Armistead Road parking area and look for the refreshment table.

Arbor Day at McCord Park will be a little different this year because we will not be focusing on invasive plant removal. BHNA is contracting with a private forest management company to do a major removal of invasive plants from the park later this year. We do need to cut ardisia and nandina berries before they begin work so……

Some folks will go on a treasure hunt to gather all the ardisia and nandina berries they can find in the park. They will be bagged and disposed of so they won’t be able to sprout. Bring pruners if you want to work on this. We will provide the plastic bags.

Others are needed to bring kayaks and canoes to pick up the huge amount of litter that is floating in the pond. Bags will be provided.

One crew will plant a red maple tree and river birch tree at the edge of the pond and clean up the area around that planting. Then they will visit a site of a previous planting of native trees to mulch and provide new flagging so the mowers will not hit them.

The wood duck nest box and bluebird houses will be cleaned. We will be replacing one bluebird house that was destroyed during the hurricane.

Most of us will work on the Trescott side of the pond, maintaining our first Arbor Day planting that we did many years ago. We will add a white oak and a sourwood tree, near the spot where a large oak came down in the hurricane. We will work on the blueberry patch, where a misguided mower took out half of the blueberry bushes. We will also dig out cherry laurels and other plants that are crowding some of the plants that we planted originally.

Bring garden gloves, shovel, mattock or other favorite garden tool. We will have extras to share. Pruners and loppers are needed this year as well.

This is always a fun event and there are chores for all ages and strengths. Children are welcome, teenagers encouraged! Coffee, hot chocolate and some treats will be served at 9am and throughout the morning.