Interested in growing food or already doing it?  Come and share some ideas and meet other like-minded people!  Perennial plants create an edible landscape providing you with greens all summer long with minimum work!

You are invited the edible landscape at 1515 Argonne Road on Sunday March 10 - Sunday 3-5pm.  The tropical perennial plants are all visible since they did not get affected by any heavy frost!

Come and get some cuttings!

The List

The following plants are waiting to see you:
Okinawa spinach, Longevity spinach , Cherokee greens (sochan), Edible cactus, Edible elephant ears (Tanier spinach), Taro (eat roots), slippery cabbage (Aibika), Moringa trees (regrowing vigorously from the root), Chaya trees, Curry plant, Arrowroot, goji berries, cranberry hibiscus (regrowing from last year root), Katuk, mint, lemon balm.

Roselle (growing from seeds), sword beans (climb up a trees), Aloe (lots of babies to give away), Ginger, and Turmeric.

Plus, all the plants that reseed themselves: lambs’ quarter, New Zealand Spinach, Malabar spinach, stevia, Tulsi Basil, and groundcover like perennial peanut that adds nitrogen to the soil, comfrey (good for bruises and compost)….

Abundance everywhere…

Check this site for more info (I bought the initial plants from them)

And That's Not All!

You can also see 6 rain barrel systems and the composting site (just got some horse manure) as well as worm bins and solar panels.

You will go home with cuttings if you want and lots of little plants.

We will all end up with new ideas and inspiration for our edible garden

Happy gardening!

Régine (and Tim Lynch the helper)

RSVP by email would be nice (

Our Home tel 850 422 2487