Code Enforcement

Board Members respond to complaints by referring possible code violations to Code Enforcement. However, individual residents can also make these calls either on-the-record or “anonymously” by calling the City’s Code Enforcement Hotline at: (850) 891-2633.

Traffic Calming and Speed Humps

It is up to the property owners on individual streets to initiate a “petition to study” with the City for traffic calming or speed humps. They are highly controversial. The BHNA is neutral on this issue but will support the efforts of a given street once those homeowners have collected the required signatures. Details on how to begin the process are available at the City of Tallahassee Website.


Everybody wants one on their street but they are very hard to come by--a lesson we learned with the Armistead Road sidewalk, which took more than 10 years to make happen. The most likely candidate currently is the completion of the sidewalk on Mitchell Avenue from Anne Street to Betton Road. If you want to lead an effort for a sidewalk on your street, contact the BHNA.

Tree Trimming on City Right-of-Ways

To report dead trees or request trimming on City right-of-ways that does not involve power lines, call: 891-5300; to report limbs on power lines, call: 891-5009.

Removal of Trees

The BHNA is proud of the canopy roads, tall pine, live oak and other trees in the area and encourages residents to make an extra effort to preserve the green beauty of Betton Hills by removing only diseased trees and re-planting whenever possible.

The City of Tallahassee requires permits to cut specimen (living, non-diseased) trees under the following situations:

  • Residential property with an existing structure, a permit is required to remove any tree that has a 36 inch diameter at the 54 inch height mark.
  • Residential property without an existing structure, a permit is required to remove any tree that has an 18 inch diameter at the 54 inch height mark.

For more information, call Growth Management: 891-7100.

Traffic on Betton Road

The afternoon traffic on Betton Road is an on-going problem. Several years ago, the City wanted to four-lane it but the BHNA vigorously opposed that plan. We prevailed and Betton Road was not widened. However, with our victory to keep Betton three lanes has come the long line of backed-up cars every afternoon.

The BHNA continues to oppose the widening of Betton Road, which we believe would only attract more cars, make Betton an even busier thoroughfare, and—in a way—divide Betton Hills in half, which would threaten our sense of a cohesive neighborhood.

One positive is that in 2006 Traffic Engineering re-timed the lights at the intersections of Betton and Bradford Roads at Thomasville, Meridian and North Monroe which has helped the flow of traffic to some extent.

Political Signs

During elections, many residents place small 18” by 24” campaign signs in their front yards. The maximum allowable size is 4 ft by 4 ft or 16 sq ft. Although these larger signs are within Code, the BHNA feels they are inappropriate within a residential neighborhood and encourages residents to use the traditional smaller-size signs. Please note: political signs must be outside the City right-of-way, i.e. at least 10 feet from the curb.

Noise Control and Party Patrol

Tallahassee Police Department has a zero tolerance policy toward noise complaints and loud parties. Call: 891-4200 or refer to the City of Tallahasse "Party Facts" website.

Lost Pets?

There is a local Facebook group for lost pets. If you have lost a pet, you can try posting to that group. You should also contact the Leon County Animal Shelter.

Nuisance Pets and Barking Dogs

Contact Leon County Animal Control: (850) 606-5400.

Adopt-a-Traffic Island

Our traffic islands need periodic T.L.C. and only a few have been adopted by residents. If you're interested in tending one, please contact the Board at: The committment of time is fairly minimal and we will pay for the plants, provided by our friends at Native Nurseries.

Covenants and Restrictions

The original “covenants and restrictions” as set forth by Guy Winthrop in the 1940’s lapsed in the 1980’s. Issues about what is or is not allowed on a property or within the neighborhood are governed by the ordinances of the City of Tallahassee. Therefore, the BHNA refers potential code violations to Code Enforcement with the City’s Neighborhood Services Division.