Meeting Minutes

Present: Michael Brezin, Michael Bannister, Tom Schulte, Karen Weimer, Tom Vickers, Hilda Gilchrist, Melissa Jacoby, Margie McInnes, Mary Kay Falconer, Mario Taylor, Andy Grayson, Bill Jones, and Bonnie Gaughan-Bailey

Abbreviated meeting as this was our Holiday Party.

Mike Brezin nominated Chris Caughran to serve on the board. The motion was seconded by Tom Schulte. Chris summarized her background and interests. Unanimous vote confirmed her election.

Mike Brezin summarized the work to date on our interactions with the city regarding the power generators to be built by the substation on Medical Drive. We’ll be writing a letter to the city commissioners stating our concerns, particularly with regard to the late notice for the project and its siting.

Mike Brezin gave a short talk on BHNA for next year, highlighting the increased development pressures on the neighborhood, including infrastructure projects as the power generators, and the need to be a more alert and active neighborhood, to work more closely with other in-town neighborhoods, and to establish stronger relationships with city commissioners.

He also requested that the board have a special retreat session in January to define goals and priorities for BHNA in 2017. The board agreed to this request.

Bill Jones mentioned that he was ready to lead the Christmas Eve caroling at Harriman Circle and Michael Bannister assured us that the announcement signs were scheduled to be placed throughout the neighborhood.

After that the holiday festivities began and a good time of conversation and wonderful food commenced.

Minutes submitted by Michael Brezin in the absence of a Secretary.

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We met at Ashford Club Apartments Meeting Room ().