Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order following the holiday supper.

In attendance were Board Members Mike Brezin, Tom Schulte, Tom Vickers, Michael Bannister, Mario Taylor, Mary Kay Falconer, Donna Legare, Bonnie Gaughan-Bailey, Margie McInnes, and Casey McLaughlin.

Mike Brezin expressed his appreciation of the Board and their spouses/partners for the time invested in our Board meetings and activities.

  1. Minutes, Membership and Financial Reports:

Minutes-The November Minutes submitted by Margie McInnes had been distributed via email prior to the meeting.

Membership Report-Tom Vickers had emailed the Board his December Membership Report which indicated that we currently have 358 paid members and donations as follows:

2017/2018 Membership Year

358 Paid Members Dues $ 3520

Bellamy fund 1949 (Beautification)

Partners fund 1109 (School support)

Mansfield fund 698 (Young Writers)

Additional donations 1644

TOTAL $ 8920

Prepaid Donations for 2018/19

Prepaid Members 50 Dues $ 480

Bellamy fund 472

Partners fund 152

Mansfield fund 112

Additional donations 340

TOTAL $1556

December Treasurer’s Report-Tom Schulte submitted the following report.

Date Payee Description Amount Balance

11/20/2017 Bob Walker Fall Festival -100.00 $17,805.92

12/3/2017 Adjustment to

10/23 Deposit Membership Dues +255.00 18,060.92

12/3/2017 ACStripe-Oct Dep. Membership Dues +214.27 18,275.19

12/3/2017 Deposit Membership Dues +320.00 18,595.19

Mike Bannister made a motion, seconded by Mary Kay, to approve the Minutes, Membership and Treasurer Reports. The motion passed unanimously.

2. Officers for 2018

Mario presented the Slate of Officers for the coming year as follows:

President Mike Brezin

Vice President Mike Bannister

Treasurer Tom Schulte

Secretary Margie McInnes

Mario made a motion, seconded by Tom Vickers, to approve the proposed slate.

The motion passed unanimously.

3. The December holiday supper and meeting was held at the Willis Dairy Farm barn. Mr. Willis is willing for BHNA to have our Board meetings and special meetings at this facility at no cost. This will be discussed further at our January meeting. As they hired someone to handle parking for our event, Mario suggested that we thank them with a Visa Gift Card. Margie will write them a thank you note and enclose the gift card.

In the past we have given the Ashford Club Apts. manager a Visa Gift Card to thank her for her monthly arrangements for our meetings.

The manager could not locate our key following our last meeting and had to pay a Locksmith $50.

Mike made a motion, seconded by Mario, that we give $50 Visa gift cards to Willis Dairy and the Apt. Manager, and a $50 check for the Locksmith.

4. IT Issues

Casey suggested that we invest in upgrading some of our software. The specifics of this will be put on the January agenda.

5. Parks/Beautification

Donna met with Ashley Edwards and Eric Mason from City Parks and Recreation, and Petra Contractors regarding removal of invasive species in McCord Park. McCord Park does not meet the criteria to be eligible for grant funding of invasive removal. Donna is secured estimates for this to be done professionally as it is too much for Arbor Day volunteers to manage. The estimates for 2 parcels in the park were $2,700 and $1,475. Mike Bannister made a motion, seconded by Bonnie, that we use BHNA funds to pay for this effort. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:38pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Margie McInnes

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We met at Willis Dairy ().