Meeting Minutes

1. The meeting was called to order by Mike Brezin at 7:05. This was a brief meeting prior to the annual holiday party which was hosted this year by Eliza Hawkins.

2. In attendance were members Mike Brezin, Mary Kay Falconer, Michael Bannister, Tom Schulte, Mario Taylor, Eliza Hawkins and Margie McInnes.

3. Neighborhood of the Year-Mike Brezin announced that Betton Hills tied with Indianhead Acres/Lehigh Acres for Neighborhood of the Year in the large neighborhood category. Everyone thanked Mary Kay for taking the lead on our application, and to Mike and Mario for adding to her efforts. Our focus was on the increase in participation of the neighbors in our neighborhood. The judges were City staff.

4. Fallfest- Evaluations were tallied and overall the responders were very positive about this event. Harriman Circle was rated high for the location of the event, and children’s activities were also rated high. More adult oriented activities and interactive games were suggested. Adding signs for the information tables will be done for the next Fallfest.

5. Adding Trees-Mary Kay sent the Board an email regarding some possible activities for this effort. This included a Poetry contest and a Drawing/Painting contest for children with the theme of appreciating trees. There will be age categories and prizes for the winners of a gift certificate and a tree. The winners will be announced at Arbor Day.

6. Geese at Harriman Circle-The majority of survey respondents want something done about the overpopulation of geese at Harriman Circle. Growing a meadow around the pond is one gentle approach and will be pursued.

7. Upcoming Events- Christmas Caroling on December 24 at 4pm; the signs will be put up the weekend before, and notices through our Email Blast, Facebook and Website. Arbor Day is on Saturday, January 25. Details for Arbor Day will be handled at the January Board meeting.

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  1. Neighborhood of the Year
  2. Fallfest Evaluations
  3. Adding Trees
  4. Geese at Harriman Circle
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. Christmas Caroling on December 24 at 4pm
    2. Arbor Day is on Saturday, January 25.


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