Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes have not been posted yet!

We usually post meeting minutes one month after the meeting has actually occurred. This gives us the chance to review and approve them.


1. Reports – 10 minutes

2. Friendly Nhood Updates – 20 minutes

3. Safe Nhood Updates – 10-15 minutes

4. Uplifting Nhood – 30 minutes


The Sustainable Neighborhood discussion will center around whether to apply for Sustainable Tallahassee’s and CONA’s Sustainable Nhood of the Year. This is the first year in many years this “award” will take place. Here’s a link to the award criteria. Please review it to assess whether we should participate or not this year:

For those of you thinking a lot about walkability, increasing density in the urban core, and a variety of related issues, here’s a very good conversation between two national experts. Plenty of food for thought. Runs about an hour. You can download to podcast or watch the webcast:


We met at Willis Dairy ().