Meeting Minutes

In attendance were Board Members Mike Brezin, Tom Schulte, Donna Legare, Mary Kay Falconer, Tom Vickers, Casey McLaughlin, Melissa Jacoby, Elizabeth (Liz) Anderson, Mario Taylor and visitor Ann Reilly. Donna took the minutes since Margie could not be there.

April Minutes – no questions or changes

Treasurer’s Report

Tom Schulte gave the financial report. We have a balance of $16,761.42. See report attached.

Membership Report

Liz Anderson gave the membership report, which is also attached. We have 404 members with a goal of 500 members. Liz will need someone to pick up mail from the P.O. Box from mid June through mid August. The membership list goes up through February. Casey is working on automating the list so it hasn’t been updated lately. There was some discussion about board members having their email addresses public. Board members’ email addresses are listed on our website. Contact Casey if you do not want your email listed.

Tom made a motion to approve all 3 reports, Mario seconded and the Board voted to approve all 3 reports.

Food Truck Survey Results and Next Steps

Mary Kay, Liz, Mario and Michael B. conducted a survey during the Food Truck Event and Casey also put it on line. 85% of respondents attended. Facebook (50%) and email blast (24%) were the most effective media. Most people walked (60%) and 24% came by car. 100% want a regular event, monthly 67%, quarterly 30%, Tuesday the preferred day. Other events in which folks are interested are movies in the park and concerts in the park.

There were a few complaints – no port-o-let, not enough food trucks and slow service, and loud generators. We discussed having the next Food Truck Event on a Tuesday evening in early to mid- October, combining it with our Annual Meeting and holding it at Winthrop Park where the trucks could plug in and not have to run generators. Also bathrooms are available. Harriman Circle is also a possibility – city is willing to put in a power pole there for food trucks or there is already one there?

We need volunteers to run future Food Truck Events. We may need event insurance.


Casey will get with Liz about membership management before she leaves.

Mike reports that Mail Chimp is working out well for delivery of mass e-mails. He would like others to learn how to use it.

Melissa reports that there are not as many wanting to join Facebook – neighborhood is probably saturated. She has signed up for NextDoor Betton Hills.

Welcome Letter

Mike has drafted a welcome letter to send to new residents. He will email a copy; please edit. Naumann Realty is providing names of new residents. Property Appraiser will provide addresses.


Mario attended latest meeting at Gilchrist. Hurricane season begins June 1. He and Margie are writing an article to be distributed on website, email, etc. Mario is building a directory of street leaders and would like Board Members to recommend potential leaders on roads that do not yet have a leader. He will send an email with street listings. The City of Tallahassee will provide a special needs registry.


Mary Kay and Casey are following the plans that the City has for promoting short commute biking and walking routes. Tallahassee is working on a master plan.

Goodwood/TMH wellness Visioning Meeting

This was attended by Michael and Mario. Goodwood is partnering with TMH to build a walking trail on the verdant Goodwood property that could be used by hospital staff, visitors and patients as well as neighbors. They want input from surrounding neighborhoods.

Pond Stocking

Harriman, Laguna and Trescott were stocked with bass in April.

Garage Sale

21 houses participated – a successful sale.

Monarchs in Betton

Margie suggests (through Mario) that we plant milkweeds in the parks. Donna suggests that we plant pink swamp milkweed and white swamp milkweed during the growing season possibly at the edges of Harriman and McCord Ponds. We would need to partner with City Parks and Recreation since they are responsible for the mowing schedule around the ponds. Mike and Donna will discuss with Ashley Edwards at their next meeting with her.

Board Surveys – Respect in the Neighborhood – examples

Mike will draft a survey to get folks thinking about how to make the neighborhood a more respectful and friendly place and Casey will publish it.

Mario to Birmingham for Neighborhood Conference

The City of Tallahassee has invited Mario to represent BHNA and two other representatives from other Tallahassee neighborhoods to attend the National Assoc. of Neighborhoods conference. He will report back on all the workshops he attends while there. The City is paying all expenses and providing bus travel.

PA System – last but not least, Mario demonstrated the use of our new portable PA system that he purchased at Cosco for $199. It is a 500 watt system and can be rolled around like a travel suitcase. Not only did it sound loud and clear, it also provided a nice light show! Mike will store it at his house along with all other BHNA items.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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5/21/2018 BHNA Agenda – Start Time: 7:00 PM. Ashford Club

1. Reports – 10 minutes

2. Friendly Nhood Updates – 20 minutes

3. Safe Nhood Updates – 10 minutes

4. Uplifting Nhood – 30 minutes

5. Quick Summaries (Report as Needed) – 15 minutes


We met at Ashford Club Apartments Meeting Room ().