Meeting Minutes

Board Members Attending: Mike Brezin, Tom Vickers, Mario Taylor, Mary Kay Falconer. Tom Schulte, Melissa Jacoby

Minutes for the previous board meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report was approved. BHNA has a balance of $17,905. (See attached PDF - page 2)

Membership Report was approved. BHNA has 354 paid members for FY 2017/2018. BHNA has 46 paid members for 2018/2019. (See attached PDF - page 2)

Review of the Fall Festival:

Mario shared a detailed account of all of the expenses for the festival that was prepared by Margie, coordinator of the festival. The total amount spent was around $1,200. Attendance was estimated at 125-150 which was higher than previous years.

It was shared that the tables set up during the festival had good response and levels of interest among those who attended the festival. Children participation in games provided by the city was more than in the past.

BHNA Funds:

Discussion about some suggestions for allocating BHNA funds occurred. Mike explained an option to hire a business to remove invasives in McCord Park. Mario discussed some funding needs for PREP--hurricane response items that might serve as incentives for those coordinating neighbors. Funds for schools was also mentioned with an interest in learning more about whether students in Betton Hills are attending the neighborhood schools. Maintenance of the cemetery in Betton Hills was also on the list for possible BHNA funds. Mario mentioned the need for a public address system for the festival and other neighborhood events. Mary Kay mentioned bike racks at our parks as another possible need with an additional suggestion that the city contribute to these as well.

Other Issues:

A BHNA holiday party was discussed next. Mario will be checking with the Willis Dairy about holding the party there. If that is not possible, Mario offered the home of Margie and Mario for the BHNA party. Mario will select a date and will let everyone know.

Power line tree trimming is continuing. Mike asked that neighbors monitor the trimming on their properties to avoid “extreme” trimming. We discussed the importance of planting new trees--certainly following up on the city's offer to provide trees during the winter season and in correspondence with Arbor Day early in 2018.

Mario provided an update on PREP. Early in the new year, he and Margie will be meeting with the team captains to discuss next steps and get more neighbors on board.

Melissa shared that the BHNA FB page is being maintained and there are 834 friends of the page. She reviews those who request access to the page to make sure they are either living in Betton Hills or have a legitimate reason for accessing the page.

A transportation plan focused on Thomasville Road from Midtown to Betton Road by the Capital Regional Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) was introduced. Mary Kay was interested in the plan and offered to monitor the relevant actions.

At the end of the meeting, Mike asked the members of the board to think about “what they would like to see” for the neighborhood vision in 2018.

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We met at Ashford Club Apartments Meeting Room ().