Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Donna Legare

In attendance were Board Members Mike Brezin, Tom Schulte, Donna Legare, Mary Kay Falconer, Casey McLaughlin, Melissa Jacoby, Mario Taylor, Ann Riley. BHNA members John and Elizabeth Alford attended as well. Speakers with City of Tallahassee included Ray Einarson (also a neighbor) and Jason Icerman. Donna took the minutes since Margie could not be there.

The City of Tallahassee speakers presented the status of future drainage projects in the neighborhood. Ray Einarson spoke first about the 22 foot deep McCord Ditch which runs from Betton Road to approximately Post Road west of Trescott. The ditch needs major improvements as it is very difficult to maintain and is in bad shape. Three options were presented. The first – gabion ditch (rock-filled baskets – like the stretch north of Trescott between Cline and Chamberlain) is unrealistic because they only have 50 feet of right-of-way and they need 70 feet.

The second – sheet pile wall – is way too expensive.

The third option is best – box culvert (box in ditch – underground). The culvert is sized for a 100 year event. There will be usable space on top for a future bike path or other use. There are restrictions on planting above box culvert – details will be provided when the design is presented in November 2019. Project would start 1.5 years at earliest.

Jason Icerman reported on flooding issues along Lee Avenue. This is an even harder problem to fix since they will have to go through people’s yards to fix problem. This may cost over a million and half dollars to fix. This is in planning stage right now. It will take at least 6 – 8 months to get to the point where Ray’s project is now.

Minutes – one change as previously reported to Margie
Treasurer’s Report – see end of minutes
Membership – 220 – 230 members

Mario made a motion to approve all 3 reports, Melissa seconded and the Board voted to approve all 3 reports.

Recycling Update – Ann and Mary Kay
Ann met with Paul Hurst, recycling coordinator. Next year we should participate in National Recycling Day. He mentioned that Indianhead is doing a great job at educating neighbors about not mingling trash and yard waste. We need to ramp up communication. Ann plans to write one article per month and Donna will submit it to the Tallahassee Democrat through a blog. The article will also be featured on BHNA website and sent out in direct email.
Fall Fest Review
There was a huge crowd – at least 250. It was financially successful for food trucks and they would like to participate in future. Pumpkin decorating – 50 – 60 – lots of fun for children. Bounce house – very popular – loaned by a neighbor. Tom Schulte and family organized games, face painting, crafts. Suggestions for next year: Do door prizes earlier. Put name tag and sign in table with membership.

Christmas Party Plans – Michael
The Christmas Party will be at Michael and Lynn Bannister’s on Tuesday, December 11. It will be a potluck.

Cascades bike Ride Report – Mary Kay and Casey
There was a small turnout – 11 people, aging from Casey’s children to one high school student to 68 years old. County Commissioner Kristin Dozier rode with us. It was a beautiful day and we rode from Winthrop Park to Cascades Park, through the park and back to our respective homes. Part of the reason for scheduling a group ride is to make bike riders visible and to promote the use of bicycles in Tallahassee. Plus it was fun!

Prep Status – Mario will cover this at the next meeting

Alliance of Tallahassee Neighborhoods (ATN) Discussion – Mike, Michael, Mario
Casey is helping create a website for the group. They are establishing committees. They are looking at the plans for the Midtown Parking Garage at 5th and Thomasville.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.
Next meeting – Christmas Party – December 11.


  1. McCord Pond Creek Stormwater Study – 20 minutes
    1. Ray Einarson from COT and a few of his coworkers will describe this project
  2. Recycling -- update from Ann and Mary Kay – 5 minutes
  3. Reports – 10 minutes
    1. Minutes
    2. Treasurer
    3. Membership
  4.  Fall Fest review: what worked, what could be improved – Board discussion – 10 minutes
  5.  Xmas Party Plans – Michael – 5 minutes
  6. Cascades Bike Ride Report -- Mary Kay and Casey – 5 minutes
  7.  PREP Status . . . revised map of block captains based on fall fest recruits – Mario – 5 minutes
  8. Alliance of Tallahassee Neighborhoods (ATN) Discussion – Mike, Michael, and Mario – 5 minutes


We met at Ashford Club Apartments Meeting Room ().