Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM.

In attendance were Board Members Mike Brezin, Michael Bannister, Mary Kay Falconer, Mario Taylor, Donna Legare, Liz Anderson, Melissa Jacoby, Tom Schulte, Casey McLaughlin, Margie McInnes and Ann Riley.

Membership Report: There was no Membership Report this month. Liz just received a lot of envelopes from our PO Box and will process them for next month’s report.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Schulte submitted the October Treasurer’s Report as follows:

Date        Payee            Description        Amount        Balance

9/17/18    M. McInnes        Name tags        ($ 23.54)        $17,148.66
9/21/18    AC Stripe        May deposits        +  28.53          17,177.19
9/21/18    AC Stripe        June deposits        +115.62          17,292.81
9/21/18    AC Stripe        July deposits        +  47.65          17,340.46
9/21/18    AC Stripe        August deposits    +  33.38          17,373.84
9/21/18    Deposit        Membership Dues    +675.00          18,048.84
10/2/18    US Postal Svc        PO Box fee        (   82.00)          17,966.84
10/4/18    Target Copy        Newsletter        ( 959.12)          17,007.72
10/15/18    Larry Deeb        Block Party        (   50.00)          16,957.72

The report was passed unanimously.

Newsletter: The newsletter looked good and went out on time. Thanks to everyone for their articles and timeliness!

FallFest 2018: Margie reviewed the plans for our event, and reminded everyone that our fall event will be Sunday, Oct. 28, 4-6:30. Please arrive at 3PM for set up.

Arbor Day 2019: Donna is planning our neighborhood Arbor Day for Saturday, February 2. The City will be doing their event on 3rd Saturday of January.

Recycling: Mary Kay and Ann Riley are planning to prepare a series of recycling information pieces, focusing on education. Ann will bring details in a proposal to our next Board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

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We met at Ashford Club Apartments Meeting Room ().