Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

In attendance were: Mike Brezin, Tom Schulte, Donna Legare, Mary Kay Falconer, Mike Bannister, Casey McLaughlin, Mario Taylor and Margie McInnes, and guests: John Baker and Adam Jacobs.

Tom Vickers emailed the September Membership Report (see attached).

Tom Schulte presented the September Treasurer Report (see attached).

Mario made a motion, seconded by Margie, to accept the Treasurer Report. The motion passed unanimously.

Mary Kay made a motion, seconded by Tom, to accept the Minutes. The motion passed unanimously.

Guest Speakers: Our guests were John Baker, the City of Tallahassee Manager of Neighborhood Affairs Division, and Adam Jacobs, our neighborhood’s City Liaison with that Division. They explained the functions of their areas and the city initiatives they are investing their time with. They discussed changes in the Neighborhood of the Year program, in an attempt to recognize a wider range of neighborhoods, progress and achievements. It will still be a collaboration between the City, County and CONA, and will have a similar time frame. They described the Neighborhood Public Safety initiative and the concept of crime prevention through environmental design. Also, people who have graduated from the City’s Citizen Leadership program will be asked to join an “alumna” association to harness their leadership skills and potential.

Fall Festival: The Winthrop Pavilion has been reserved for October 22, 2-4 PM. Set up will begin at 1 PM.

Last of the festival details will be handled at our next meeting on October 16.

PREP: Mario and Margie updated the Board on PREP activities. There are 2 groups of volunteers, some who have attended the information only session, and others who attended the session when survey forms were explained and distributed. Of those people, some have already surveyed their blocks, and others have not yet started. Hurricane Irma set back the process, but may prove to be an incentive for some folks to volunteer and participate. M&M will be contacting all the volunteers within the next 2 weeks to determine progress and handle questions, and contact block party hosts to see if any of them can assist with surveying their neighbors.

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  1. Guest Speakers – 15 minutes
    1. John Baker and Adam Jacobs, City Liaisons to Betton Hills
  2. Reports – 10 minutes
    1. Minutes
    2. Financial
    3. Membership
  3. Fall Meeting Preparations – Margie and Mike – 20 minutes
    1. Events/Activities (Lion Steel, Turtle Bob, etc.)
    2. Assignments
    3. Advertising
    4. Newsletter
  4. Irma Effects/PREP Responses – Mario and Margie – 10 minutes
  5. Other Issues (address as necessary) – 5-15 minutes
    1. ADUs – Mike
    2. Parks – Donna
    3. Facebook/Website – Melissa/Casey
    4. Others?


We met at Ashford Club Apartments Meeting Room ().