To check neighborhood police incidents and crime statistics

1.  Go to the City of Tallahassee's online crime statistics webpage.

2.  A map appears and a information box.  Click on “Close” in the box.

3.  You have two choices here:  address search or neighborhood search.  If you want to check for crimes right around your address, enter your address in the Type address and select from list box at the top of the screen.  As you enter your address, a list will be generated of similar addresses.  Click on yours from that list.  The map will change to the area around your house and all the police incidents within the last 30 days will be indicated.

4.  The second option is to search by a broader area, such as Betton Hills.  For this search, click on the Historical Search box at the top of the screen.  An historical search box appears. 

  • Click on the small chevron at the right end of the address box.  A list of options appears.  Click on:  neighborhood associations.
  • A neighborhood association box appears.  Click on the chevron to see the list.  Select Betton Hills (or a different neighborhood if you want to compare neighborhoods).
  • In the Incidents box, click the down arrow by “None selected”.  A list appears.  Select “All incidents”.  Now, “all incidents” means all police contacts, some of which will not be crimes, especially property crimes.  Still, for starting out, this is the easiest option to check and use.
  • Move the cursor to the bottom of the box and click to close the Incident by Group box. You should now be able to see the Days and Buffer fields again. 
  • In the Days box, you click the down arrow to select how far back in time you want the search to go.  Example:  30 days.
  • In the Buffer box you select how many feet beyond the Betton Hills you want the search to go.  This buffer isn’t necessary at the neighborhood level, so you can set it at 0.
  • Click the Search box.  The results are displayed, showing all police incidents over the last 30 days in Betton Hills.  DON’T GET UPSET ABOUT THE CHECKMARKS. Those are merely a patrol officer’s contacts with the police station and are not necessarily crime related.  You can click on the other icons to see what they mean.  Again, not all are property crimes.

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